Canada Sand Painting Association

We enjoy creating sand art. Our purpose is:

1. To raise funds for physically disabled individuals 
2. To find like-minded partners to assist in the development of our project
3. And of course……To allow people to have fun!

We believe our projects have the potential to help many people. We aim to contribute to society with our sand art, and hope to find partners to assist in our company’s expansion.

Add colour to life, and bring joy to those around you.
Get passionate and get involved!

Fundraising for physically disable individuals 

We commit part of our proceeds to support physically disable individuals in Vietnam.

Why Vietnam ?

​We've been learning sand painting skills from Mr.Phi Long who is the founder and the master instructor of a sand painting workshop in Vietnam.

Our project started in March, 2018 in Japan in order to support them.

Mr.Phi Long caught pneumonia and lost his hearing when he was 1 year old. He met an amazing sand painting artist, Y Lan, when he was 16 years old and it changed his life. He became her apprentice and acquired the skills as quick as a blink. 

He went back to his hometown and opened the sand painting workshop and gave people who are disable like him an opportunity to add color to life.

To purchase, to attend workshop, to become an instructor and anything you get involved can sponsor them.


Looking for like-minded partners to assist our project


Join us if you are interested in sand painting.

We would like you to find as many people as possible and give an opportunity to see what sand painting is and know how fun and amazing it is. At the same time, let people know that anything they get involved with CASPA can help physically disable individuals who make amazing sand paintings in Vietnam.

How do you start ?

​We provide Basic course and Advanced course.

Then, you can host your own workshops, lessons, sell your paintings and make favorable profits while sponsoring the Vietnamese physically disable artists.

​If you are interested in and want to know more info, please contact us.

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