• hiro

Workshop at Nikkei Place in Feb, 2020

I was pleased to get a workshop request from Nikkei Place for Book Sale Event on Feb 15 and 16, 2020.

An event coordinator told me that there wouldn't be as many people as when Bakery Craft Fair in Nov, 2019. But I didn't mind it at all. Because we are happy to grab chance to show Sand Glass Art and have many people enjoy. Wherever we can host workshop and let people know what Sand Glass Art and how fun it is, we come over.

The first day, I had a lovely Filipino family for an intermediate class so that you can know and learn how to draw waves, circles and hearts that we don't usually show technics.

They seemed to be very enjoying and I hope to see them again.

Many families enjoyed the workshop and I always find kids potentials in their works.

I found a teenage boy who has so much potential and creative mind. I can't even explain how he drew like that and can't even copy what he did.

This is literally astonishing !!!

This is unexplainable !!!

I am happy to find a masterpiece !!!

Thank you reading the post !

Hope we will meet you at next workshop !